Development of solution for exhibitors to register to Tourest fair.

With the new solution, every exhibitor can create an account and submit their registration info via an online form on Tourest webpage.

The registration form is divided into steps. The user does not need to fill all the steps at once, the system allows to fill the form partially, save it and add data on an ongoing basis until the end of the registration period.

When exhibitor registers as a user, they enter their user data, When they start to fill the fair registration form, the there is no need to enter exhibitor data because it is automatically taken from their account.

When exhibitor registers to fair they fill out their exhibitor data, activities, stand info, they can add co-exhibitors, order additional equipment and commercial services and upload stand drawing. After entering data, they can overview it from the preview and submit the form.

Steps are shown above the form:

Creating a user account:

User profile:

Choosing activities:

Choosing additional services:

Uploading stand drawing: