A Free Mobile Website

A mobile webpage – it is a separate version of your webpage or online shop that has been adapted for viewing on a mobile phone or tablet.

Why Should Something Be Additionally Created for Mobile Phone Users?

To answer this question, please pick up your smart phone, open your webpage on the phone's browser, and try to think like a person that sees your homepage for the first time and wishes to order something. Most probably, you shall not be especially pleased:

  • The points and buttons of the menus are awfully small. The zoom function must be used to click on some of the buttons.

  • The loading of the site takes forever. By that time, half of the visitors shall have already closed their browser.

  • Empty places are displayed instead of the flash galleries.

  • Some of the functions are not even enabled on a touch screen.

How Shall Our Mobile Website Solve These Issues?

Most of the ease of use related issues are actual both on mobile phones, as well as on tablets. Although it might seem the that modern day tablets are already fast and large enough for comfortable use – actually this is not true, as not only their speed increases, but also the requirements on websites increase – larger pictures are requested, resolutions increase, and a larger amount of data is transferred and processed.

The mobile website that is a part of Trickster CMS has the following advantages:

  • A low-volume design, which can be quickly uploaded and does not over load the mobile processor.

  • Instead of a mouse and a keyboard, the touch screen can be used now for controlling the menus and galleries.

  • The measurements of the texts and buttons have been adapted for the small screens of the mobile devices in a way, which does not require the constant changing and adjustment of the scale.

  • Complex elements have been simplified, and the site shall be adapted to the measurements of the screen of a specific mobile device.

  • Administration does not require additional efforts, as the proposed solution acquires information from the same source, as the website intended for desktop computers.

Why Do I Receive the Mobile Website Free of Charge?

In Trickster CMS, we have developed a complete ready-made solution with a neutral graphical solution, which requires no additional work from our part. Where other technical solutions would require serious budgetary means, we offer a basic solution for you free of charge.

A standard graphical design looks like this:

A Free Mobile Website

Upon a separate agreement, also the style of the graphical style of the full version of the website may be adapted.

How Actual Is It?

On the chart below, we have depicted the growth dynamics of mobile device users on a well-known Estonian website.

A Free Mobile Website

It shows that, on average, the number of users using the website on mobile devices doubles within a year, and these numbers continue to rise.

Check the statistical data concerning your website and think about the fact that you are most probably already losing a part of your clients at the moment, because your website is not ready for use on mobile devices.

Please take a look at our services, or send us your questions to receive more detailed information.