Web design and websites development

Web design and websites development

We create webpages that have a unique design.

All of the homepages created by us are based on our platform Trickster CMS – we design and create a unique design for you, we adapt specialised modules to to your business needs, and all of the rest of the existing functions are given to you without a term to use them free of charge.

After the completion of the work, we hand over an open and decrypted copy of the source code to the owner of the homepage, so that hosting services could be used without any licence restrictions and subscription fees.

The whole created website is directed to long-term development without the need for fundamental alterations or platform swaps.

Take a Look at the Work Process

In order to ensure maximum transparency, the process is divided into stages, during each of which close communication with the contracting party is maintained. Continuous mutual co-operation with the contracting party – this is what separates us from companies that offer standard solutions, and ensures that you receive an efficient website. Read more about our work process here.

Take a Look at the Work Process

User interface design

Analysis of the characteristics of the goods, services and target audience

Website prototyping and creation of the specifications


Take a Look at the Work Process


Creation of a unique style

Design of the website's Home page

Design of the website's modules

Take a Look at the Work Process



Programming the functionality

Java Script or Flash animation

Take a Look at the Work Process


CMS training

Inserting website content

Development and marketing

Warranty – 2 years