Designed Links' Blocks

A "Link list" – the fastest and easiest way of arranging visual navigation in any of the menu subsections.

A "Link list" – these are separate beautifully designed blocks with an illustration and a short description. Each block can be assigned with an exterior URL address or it can be "linked" to the existing sections of the menu, the goods or the categories.

Most frequently, this module used for building a fast navigation on the webpage's Home page or on the first level of any submenu structure.

In the basic supply, this module has 4 location views:

  • As thumbnails – each reference has its own heading, illustration and description that are seamlessly displayed by guiding the mouse cursor onto the block.
  • As a big block with a detailed description – the references are located in line as two blocks, each reference has a heading, description and a "More" button;
  • As a section with additional links – this block merges several references with a single theme. The block has a heading, illustration and several section names that have been designed as links;
  • As a big block that has inter-referential switches in the form of tab keys. Each reference has an illustration, a heading (in the form of the name of the designed tab key), a description and a "More" button;