The Menu System and Navigation

The menu system forms a base for organising the navigation for visitors on the webpage. A flexible and expandable menu system is a irreplaceable platform for performing any necessary changes in the future.

Our menu system includes:

  • Adding, changing and removing menu points;
  • Creating submenu structures with an unlimited capacity;
  • Changing the order of menu points;
  • Creating a separate menu structure for each language;
  • Concealing a menu point;
  • Assigning an interior or exterior link for the menu;
  • Loading an image (icon) into the menu, which shall be depicted next to the menu name's text, or instead of it;

To ensure optimisation in the search system, each menu can be assigned with its URL (if it has not been filled out, it is automatically assigned), meta heading, meta description and a keyword. If necessary, the menu indexing by the search systems can be disabled.

Each menu has a "Privileges" section, where access to the menu can be enabled for different groups, e.g. for only the authorised users of the webpage.

The menu adjustment window view in the website's administration system:

The Menu System and Navigation

The "Submenu" System

The module "Submenu list" has been designed for the depiction of subsections – usually they are located in the columns of the webpage (the right or the left column) and they are displayed as subsections of a selected menu.

In the webpage administration system, a pop-up element's image with the submenu selection can be defined, or it can be selected, how many submenu levels are displayed in the section at a time.

This module's adjustment window's view in the webpage's administration system:

The Menu System and Navigation