The Trickster CMS news module is a system that enables the publication of news articles on the webpage, merging them into news feeds and designing the webpage's news archive. All of the operations are maximally automated, and save your time:

  • All of the added news are automatically displayed on the RSS news feed;
  • The publication date of the displayed article is by default the date of the current day;
  • The illustrations of the news are automatically reduced to the required size;
  • In any of the columns, the necessary number of last news can be added.
  • The "News archive" can be disabled, this way only new news are displayed, but the old ones shall be automatically closed.

"Selected" News:

The "Selected news" module works like a filter for displaying news from different news feeds.

To direct the visitors' attention to the current news, the "selected" news module can be added to the left or right column of the webpage, and it can be selected, in which section of the webpage they shall be displayed.

This module has two location views:

  • Big – the block with the news takes up the whole width of the content part. This view should be used when the news text is long enough. *When displayed in a column – the news picture is big, the introductory text remains below the illustration.
  • Small – two news blocks are placed in a line. This view of the layout is beneficial, when the news text is not big, or when many news must be displayed on a single page. *When displayed in a column – the news picture is small and the introductory text remains to the right of the illustration.

In this module, one can adjust:

  • The news filter:
    • The last news added onto the webpage are displayed (fresh news)
    • Manually selected news are displayed
  • From which news feeds the news shall be picked
  • How many news must be displayed on the webpage