Events Calendar

You can inform the visitors of your website of your events calendar – e.g. participation in shows and conferences, meetings with partners, concerts, advertisement campaigns and many other events – by using the "events" module.

Events can be displayed on the webpage:

  • As a list divided into months. The list includes the name of the displayed event and the date it takes place;
  • As a calendar. The name of the event is displayed with its corresponding date in a cell of the calendar;
  • As blocks for events with more detailed information;

It can be defined, from which period to which period the events taking place should be shown on the calendar:

  • Only future events;
  • Only past events;
  • Events taking place during a specified period (manually selected);

If it has been selected that only future events should be displayed, then the list may be restricted to a set number of months.

The filtration of the events list displayed by months (a drop-down list with the selection of specific months) can be disabled from the administration panel.

The detailed information concerning each event can be displayed:

  • The name of the event;
  • The logo and advertisement poster of the event;
  • The date and time it takes place;
  • The location, where it takes place – its address, city, country, also its location on a map;
  • The webpage of the event;
  • A description of the event, to which illustrations and a Youtube video can be attached;

Information concerning the event is added into a single section for all of the webpage's languages, which significantly simplifies the editing of a multilingual webpage.

The actual events can be displayed in a column of the webpage, so that they could be visible in all of the sections of a webpage.