The visitor never has enough time to read through the longer texts concerning the goods and services, this is why illustrations form the first impression.

It is important that all of the pictures, whether they are illustrations in articles, images of the goods, or a work and photo gallery, load seamlessly and quickly, and have a dedicated thought-out navigation function for viewing them. Nothing infuriates a visitor more, than a gallery that opens for viewing in a new window, or which needs for the webpage to be completely reloaded for navigating it.

In addition to this, much time on large websites is spent preparing illustrations and adding them into the gallery, and this is why it is necessary that the work with illustrations would go comfortably and quickly for the administrator. Trickster CMS offers a fast and flexible gallery module, which enables you to:

  • Create unlimited picture galleries. You can independently add this module into all of the menu parts that you have created;
  • Simultaneously upload as many pictures as you wish. You can select a couple of hundred pictures all at once, and leave them to be automatically uploaded onto the website, while doing something else at the same time;
  • Add a heading or an alternative text to ant images, which may benefit your position in search systems;
  • Automatic proportional scaling of the opening images. You can upload an illustration with any size, and it shall be independently reduced to the required size;
  • Control the order the picture galleries and pictures are displayed;
  • Automatically create image sketches;

Galleries can be merged into albums and linked to services, if necessary.

Select for each gallery, in which way it shall be used – as slides or as a table of illustrations.