Automatic speed optimization

Speed improvisation helps to solve many tasks:

  • High-quality and fast sites draw more users and ensure higher conversion rates;
  • At peak load, the server tolerates a higher number of simultaneous visitors;
  • Fast sites are given a publicly acknowledged advantage from the search systems;

To the Trickster CMS already a number of efficient and completely automated solutions have been integrated to optimize the operational speed of your website:

  • The CSS-files with designs are combined into a single file, and are transferred to the browser in its packed form. This reduces the traffic capacity and reduces the number of queries made to the server;
  • The picture files used in design are automatically added to the composition of CSS files using DATA URI technology. This helps to reduce the number of queries made to the server by up to 5-6 times, which reduces the load on server equipment;
  • As with the CSS-files, the Javascript libraries are automatically joined into a single file and packed;
  • The XHTML structure of your website becomes automatically free from excessive white space elements and is packed, which reduces the load on visitors' browsers and ensures the swift opening with even a complex and rich design.
  • All of the dynamically created files are exported from the server with correct and complete HTTP captions, which ensure the efficient use of the browser's cache;

All of the webpages built on Trickster CMS have all of the mentioned advantages from the start.