Missing webpages

Sometimes it happens that a section was changed on the webpage or it was removed, but the link to it has been preserved somewhere online.

By clicking this link, the visitor can see the "missing" webpage. These non-working links cannot be tracked individually.

The Trickster CMS's "missing webpages'" reporting system makes it possible to give an overview of not only all of the non-working pages, but also to assign every such URL with a redirect to the correct section. In that way, the visitor of your webpage must not feel disappointed, and the likelihood of finding the necessary information or goods increases.

The following information shall be displayed in the missing pages list table:

  • A link to the inactive segment;
  • A redirect link to the correct section, when it was still added;
  • An address, where the visitor entered from onto this missing webpage (if the system transmits such information);
  • A date of transferring from this link.

The list of missing webpages can be filtered – by date, by the link going to the missing page, by the redirect link, but also they can be ignored or sent to the list of links, which redirects have already been completed.
The list can be sorted by a date or link name.

To functioning sections, the redirect link can be manually added or used for searching the necessary section on the website.