Email messages diary

The email message diary notes all of the messages that have been sent to any of the email addresses from the website.

The types of messages sent from the webpage: a confirmation of order receipt to the visitor and the administration, password renewal or a query from a visitor of the webpage sent from the feedback form.

Such statistics help to remain aware of all of the sent messages and to have an overview of the work capability of the forwarding system. Each message can always be reread, its information is not erased.

The following information can be viewed concerning each shipment:

  • The shipment ID;
  • The shipment topic that has been designed as a reference. By clicking, the content of the sent message is shown;
  • The name of the receiver – is shown, if the user has been authorised on the system;
  • The receiver's email address;
  • The send out date;
  • The send out status.

The list can be filtered by the date and the shipment's identification number.