Purchase History for Each Registered User

With the purchase history module, each registered user can have a look at one's order list.

The existence of this possibility increases the trust for the shop, as the buyer can make sure at any time that one's payment has been successfully completed and the order has been registered in one's purchase history.

In the Trickster CMS, the purchase history user module has been made as comfortable as possible for the end user.

  • A complete history of all of the transactions made by the buyer.
  • The option of downloading a separate PDF invoice that is highly beneficial for those persons, who have lost the invoice sent to their email address.
  • The option of looking at the list of goods included on each order.

List of Orders in CMS

You can always view all of the finalised orders on the online shop's administration system, you can also check the success of the payments made from the webpage.

By default, all of the orders from the online shop for the current month are displayed, if required, it is possible to select any which date period to check the statistics of the orders performed over that period.

All of the orders can be sorted by status:

  • All orders;
  • New orders;
  • Paid orders;
  • Payments with an unspecified payment status;
  • Unsuccessful payments;
  • Orders forwarded to the client;
  • Removed orders;

The list of orders can be exported to a PDF file.

For each order, it is possible to view its detailed information – the products ordered and the delivery methods, the discounts, the information on the receiver and the contracting party, the payment type and its status.

Each order can be saved as a PDF.

A new order can also be finalised through the administrative panel.