Available product delivery methods in Trickster CMS

A flexible products delivery methods' system enables to trade with different countries and offers the user a number of comfortable methods for receiving the ordered products.

In the Trickster CMS administrative panel you can:

  • Add any countries and regions, where the products are sent to. For the selected countries, it is also possible to specify the details from the delivery to the level of the specific town, if necessary.
  • Create different delivery methods, and link them to a specific country, region or city;
  • Show the base price of each delivery separately for each country, region and city;
  • Create different user information fields for each shipment delivery;
  • Define your payment methods for each delivery;
  • Define additional costs for a few products categories according to each delivery method;
  • Define additional costs for the selected products according to the delivery method;
  • Use the delivery price calculation logic depending on the quantity of products, or display the total sum independent of the quantity of goods in the shopping cart;
  • Rule out a delivery method for specific products or categories;

In addition to this, the Trickster CMS supports the popular and comfortable SmartPost, Omniva and DPD delivery systems.