Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a main element in the work of online shops. Like in a real store, the visitors can select products that interest them with the help of this module, and pay for them.

Most of the sales transactions fail, when the information necessary for using the shopping cart is filled out.

The main reason is – the user registration obligation, a slow operating speed, the high number of obligatory forms, the need to enter the same information repeatedly, and the lack of clear information concerning the delivery costs.

All of these common faults have been taken into account with the Trickster CMS's shopping cart, and they have been avoided, and thanks to this, the shopping process is swift and pleasant even for the most demanding visitor:

  • The operating speed of the shopping cart does not depend on the amount of products added to it;
  • The shopping cart is based on AJAX technology: the products amount, products removal, information changes and price calculation is performed dynamically, without reloading the webpage;
  • The shopping cart of Trickster CMS enables to complete purchases for both unregistered clients, as well as regular clients. The regular clients have a comfortable authorisation possibility right in the shopping cart;
  • If necessary, many methods for delivering products to other countries can be added. The buyer sees the price of the delivery right from the start of the order finalisation stage;
  • For a few user groups discounts can be made – the discount process and sum with the discount is displayed immediately in the shopping cart;
  • All of the user information fields are saved and automatically filled out. This function is enabled for even the unregistered users;
  • For each language, all of the messages in the shopping cart can be edited separately – e.g. the message concerning the successful or unsuccessful completion of the payment;

The shopping cart module adding view in the webpage's content management software.

Into the column or header of the webpage, it is possible to add the "shopping cart status" module, which shall display the amount and total sum of the added products. It can be separately determine, in which segments the "Shopping cart status" must not be displayed.