Products can be hidden from view in a public part of the website;

Each product may have a unique product code;

It is possible to add a short or a detailed description of the product;

It is possible define the cost of the product and the "old price", in case the product has been discounted;

The product can be linked to a brand, one or more categories and campaigns;

  • In addition to the textual description of a product, special parameters and choices can be created;
  • An unlimited amount of illustrations can be added to each product. Photos of the products are showed in the most comfortable way – without reloading the page or opening new windows. The illustrations of products are scaled automatically according to all methods of use. There is no need to upload pictures with different sizes;
  • Each product can be assigned a mark-up for delivery (e.g. if it is a large-sized product). A mark-up can be added for delivery depending on the chosen quantity of products. The delivery mark-up can be similar to that in the rest of the category;
  • It is possible to define statuses of the products meant for sales:
    • "Products in stock" – you can order it any time
    • "Products in a limited supply" – sales are carried out until the quantity of the products equals zero.
    • "Pre-order only" – products are not directly available from the website, but you can send a query to order it
    • "Products unavailable" – products are hidden in the public part, they cannot be purchased, but it is available for viewing through the direct link
    • „Products not in stock, but can be ordered" – products are displayed as "order only", but they can be added into the shopping cart, and be purchased
  • It is possible to show linked products that are shown on the website in the detailed products view.
  • To ensure optimisation in the search system, each product can be assigned with its URL (if it has not been filled out, it is automatically assigned), meta heading, meta description and a keyword. If necessary, the indexing of products by the search system can be disabled.

Adding products parameter values has been as easy, as possible.

All of the parameters are edited in the CMS's section "Parameters", and they shall be assigned to categories, the necessary data is just inserted into the products editing window. If the data is not transferred to the parameter field, the parameter webpage is not displayed.

Several illustrations can be uploaded into the products gallery at once. Photos can be loaded as well by dragging them from the desktop.