"Selected" Products

The selected products module enables to display a block with products (that have been selected according to certain criteria) in every section of the online store. It is beneficial in those cases, where the products must be grouped from the most different categories in a general section, e.g.: "new products", "discounts", "special offers", etc.

The given functionality – it is a products method for arising interest in the visitor for products that are popular among other shoppers, and to introduce your wide selection of products to him/her.

The amount of "Selected" products to be displayed shall be determined in the administrative part, the products can be selected manually later or automatically based on the following criteria:

  • New products – products that have been recently added into the system;
  • Popular products – the products that are most frequently bought;
  • Recently bought products;
  • Discounted products – these are products that have been marked with the "New" and "Old" prices;
  • All of the products;

In addition to the named criteria, the displaying of products can be determined with:

  • Only the selected parameters – e.g. all red products ;
  • Only products from a specific category;
  • Only products from chosen campaigns;

In the list of selected products, the sorting of products by cost and name can be enabled, also filtering by brands, campaigns, catalogues and many products parameters.

Sorting by price category can be added, which shall be automatically calculated based on the prices in the online shop and the number of set price intervals.