Producers, trademarks and brands

An online shop, which presents the products of known trademarks, must give its buyers a comfortable chance to get to know not only the characteristics of the products, but also the products of the specific brands.

In the Trickster CMS environment, it is possible to arrange the comfortable sorting of products into categories by brands with minimal efforts:

  • The list of producers may be depicted as a separate menu point, by selecting separately for this reason, which producers and trademarks are available for the visitor, and which are not.
  • Each producer may have a personal webpage with a logo, a description of products and a list. The product list of the selected trademark can be sorted by price and names.
  • Any product can be linked to any brand.
  • A chosen brand logo is displayed on the product as a reference that leads onto the webpage of a specific trademark.
  • Different categories can be filtered by different producers.