Products' Categories

The products' categories are necessary, so that the buyer would find it comfortable to navigate the offered products selection.

A well-thought-out and flexible system of products' categories enables to organise navigation between the products, so that every user can find the necessary products quickly and unmistakably.

The flexible Trickster CMS products' category system enables to:

  • Assign a different exterior design depending on the peculiarities of products;
  • Filtrate products into categories based on their parameters;
  • Sort products based on their name and price, and the use options for grouping them on the webpage;
  • Add an unrestricted number of high-capacity categories;
  • Assign to each category their set of products' parameters;
  • Hide a category from view;
  • Redact categories in a single section for all languages;
  • Assign a personal illustration and description to each category;
  • Change the order the categories are presented;
  • Link each products with several categories at the same time;
  • Regulate massively the cost of products in a separate category;
  • Assign an additional mark-up to the delivery of all of the products from this category;