Detailed Products Search

In a well-organised shop, the visitor saves time by using products filtering, which enables to quickly exclude the non-essential information, and to immediately find the necessary products and to submit an order.

An uncomfortable or non-existent products filtering system may cause frustration in the buyer and cause him/her to leave to the competition – this is why a products CMS must have an exhaustive set of devices for building a comfortable products filtering system. The filtering system can be set up both by producers, as well as brands.

The Trickster CMS enables the easy organisation of an understandable and easily-adjusted filtering system:

  • Regular products' parameters are used as filters, this is why filtering does not need additional input information;
  • If that is the wish, filtering can be created for each category by producers and brands;
  • There is filtration by price category, where division into price categories is performed automatically, depending on the prices in the shop, and the number in intervals defined in the administrative part;
  • If necessary, each category can be assigned a their own set of filters – e.g. they can be sizes and materials for the "Clothing" category, and for "Electronics", power indicators or technical characteristics;