Discounts and campaigns

Campaigns – it is a module, which merges certain discounts or campaign event products.

Examples of campaigns: "Free delivery with an over 50 € purchase", "Discount – 10%", "New products".

For campaigns, its period of validity, and the minimum and maximum sum of discount validity must be shown.

If multiple different campaigns have been added, a list of campaigns is displayed in the menu, where each campaign has its illustration, heading and description. The selected campaign section displays the detailed description with the list of campaign products (single products or whole products' categories can be added to the campaign).

In the products list, the category "Campaign" can be displayed as a products list filter.

Discount options that can be used in campaigns:

  • A discount on single products;
  • A discount on all products in the selected category;
  • A discount on delivery;
  • A discount on specific visitor groups;

Each campaign can be accompanied with a campaign/event icon that is displayed by each product that has been added to the module "Campaigns".