User registration

The user registration module allows the visitors of the webpage to become a regular customer of your online shop or to receive access to the menu sections that are only meant for authorised users.

This module increases the visitors trust in the webpage, and offers such additional features, like viewing the order history and receiving personal offers. A comfortable registration system saves the visitor's time during the completion of the information necessary for placing the order.

In addition, you can use the information on the regular customers to increase the sales, by offering them personal discounts and specially selected goods, which would interest them.

When completing the purchase, registration is not mandatory.

The authorisation (login) form can be added into the header of the webpage or into one of its columns, and it can be defined, in which menu sections it shall be displayed.

If the user forgot his/her password, then he/she can send a query for the renewal of the password through the password changing form.

The new password shall be sent to the email address submitted by the user.