Distributing Newsletters

The newsletter distribution module – it is a unique marketing instrument and a comfortable option for reminding your clients of the existence of your company, to keep them updated about the news, campaigns, discounts and special offers from the company.

As the visitors that have subscribed to the news feed are directly interested in obtaining information from you, it is a great opportunity to support the loyalty of your clients and increase the sales, by offering an additional incentive from you during the purchasing process.

News are distributed from the Trickster CMS directly from the website's administration panel, and it has been constructed so as to provide the widest possibilities in the most flexible and comfortable way:

  • Email messages are sent without over loading the postal servers and uniformly, and this rules out the danger of being added to a spam list;
  • In addition to manual compilation, the new email message can be automatically generated from the news and the new goods on the website, which shall save you time and automates the news compilation process;
  • The addresses of all of the clients that have ordered the news can be merged into groups. Each news can be sent to a specifically selected group, to several groups at the same time or to single email addresses;
  • With the Trickster CMS user System, news feed administrators can be assigned, who have limited rights to edit the content of the website;
  • The statuses of any sent mails can be viewed – whether it has been sent, or not;
  • Each newsletter comes with a preview option;

The Trickster CMS's news feed distribution system enables saving on the cost of using additional paid solutions, thereby offering the whole required functionality.

The news feed subscription form can be added into a column on the website, and it can be determined, in which menu sections it should be displayed.