Module System

Trickster CMS uses a large set of ready-made modules that you can always use, despite of the fact, whether you planned to use them in the web solution's design stage, or not.

All of the public modules have been divided into two types:

  • Content modules – modules that are displayed in the middle of the webpage. This means mainly the main content of the webpage, e.g. articles, galleries, a category selection, goods, a shopping cart, and much more.
  • Column modules – these are modules that are displayed on the left and right columns of the webpage. These modules are used for displaying additional functions, e.g.sections of the sub-menu, banners, short informative blocks and latest news.

Some of the modules can be added into the header or footer, if this has been specified in the design solution.

Some of the modules can be separately added into a language section (e.g. articles and menus that can be separate for each language), the others are created right away for all languages – the information for all languages can be edited from a single location (e.g. goods, categories or an event calendar).

Modules in the columns, and the header and footer, are edited in separate tabs.