Multilingual Support

In the modern world, your buyers and service consumers are mainly persons from different countries and with different nationalities. In Estonia, your client's mother language can be Estonian, Russian, English or even Finnish or Swedish, this is why, to increase your sales results and competition advantage, you must offer the user information that interests him/her in his/her mother language.

A real multilingual support poses serious requirements to the website's control system, as usually one does not have to translate only the basic information, e.g. menu points and texts, but also finer details – messages, the names of buttons, fields on forms or even the illustrations of goods. If some of the webpage's details remain untranslated into the visitor's mother language, then the impression that the webpage has made is immediately ruined.

Of all of the options, we offer the most flexible model:

  • Trickster CMS makes it possible to add independently new language sections through the administrative panel (in unlimited quantities);
  • The menu structure is created separately for each language section, which enables the creation of different menu points in different language paragraphs;
  • All of the messages displayed on the screen are realised through a translation system;
  • After adding a new language, the corresponding fields are created automatically on all multilingual forms. In addition to everything else, this also concerns the categories of goods, their parameters and descriptions;
  • Our CMS identifies automatically the visitor's browser language. This increases the likelihood of the visitor receiving the needed information on the first try.
  • Trickster CMS remembers automatically the language selected by the user, thereby simplifying navigation on the website for regular visitors.