Trickster CMS

CMS (Content Management System) – it is a platform for the creation and management of web solutions, a program responsible for processing information and forwarding it to the visitor's browser. In the modern world there are hundreds of the most different website management systems, each of which have their pros and cons.

In creating the Trickster CMS developed by us, we have used the newest web application standards and technologies. This gives it such advantages, as years of operation without the need of upgrades, a high operating speed, a low cost of code maintenance, and stable functionality. During the implementation of the system, the inseparable needs of all of the modern internet extras were taken into account:

  • Structural flexibility
  • Safety
  • Optimisation of the client and search system

Every month, we contribute 50-60 work hours to the development of the system, which ensures the informational protection of the webpages, a high operating speed, and plenty of options for the owner of the webpage and its visitors.

Trickster CMS has all of the necessary modules to ensure the functionality of complicated and demanding projects: