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The price of developing a web solution is always different, as the needs of each business activity are unique. And like there are no two companies with similar matching business processes, the one and the same website cannot fit for companies, which structures and sales processes differ.

A standard price can be only be offered by companies that are in the business on public templating, and do not regard in detail the needs of each specific Contracting Party.

Despite the fact that the exact price of a unique project cannot be stated without performing evaluations, we tried to construct this price calculator as a device, which can be used for at least calculating the approximate price and to visually display, which aspects influence the cost of the end result the most.


1. I want to make
2. Menu structure
I have detailed plan and list of menus, what does not need any changes
I have an idea of what I need, but I would like to get all the options
I want to save my money and time entrusting the job to professional designers
3. Positioning and functionality of specific subsections
I have expirience with Trickster CMS and I will handle it myself. All I need is administrative panel instructions
I would like to know the way modules on the main subjections of my website would look like, other modules may be in standard layout
I need detailed information about every module of every subjection, before starting with graphic design
4. Unique style of graphic design
At the moment we do not offer standard solutions, as we are convinced that this would be useless spending of budget
I have a designer that can develop graphic design accordingly to the requirements
I need complete custom-built solution for my needs
5. Design of modules and subsections
I would like to start with minimum package. Additional design for most important parts can be done later in the future.
I would agree with a pragmatic compromise - most important and most visitable places would be designed according to requirements and all other modules would just look decent.
It is essential to have maximum control other processes, all website menus should be unique with premium class design.
6. Entering content
This option is suted to companyes with more than one big website and a personnel working full time on websites content management.
I have a goo understanding of text layout principles and I have an experience with different CMS. I would require consultation in the most complicated situations.
I am not a specialist and I would like to achieve the best result possible entrusting all content managment works to professionals who have serious exerience in CMS, working with texts and images and websites support.
7. Mobile website
Information is the most important. It is sufficient enought for mobile devices users to have comfortable usage of the website.
Visual brand identity is important. Mobile website should look like a full website version, but having a comfortable navigation with touch screens
Comfort of my clients is the most important. I would like to redesign all mobile website parts completely for maximum ease of use on mobile phones and tablets.
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