Sowa Mööbel e-shop creation

Our goal and idea  was  to create a website that, at first glance, already tells us what service it offers. That's why we're still not using ready-made websites or E-shops, because even a tiny detail will give the company a personal identity, and we've also introduced a new opportunity we developed for our CMS, Trickster, option to bring out products that banners.

Homepage front page

Our designer has designed the site to fit Sowa Furniture, not only for shapes and visual objects but also for layout.


Main menu bar and banner


Website banner product selection

We have also added a new solution that allows us to highlight the products that can be seen in the picture to provide an easy and convenient way for customers to find products. It also adds a variety of applications in the future, where it is possible to bring out promotional items right on the ad banner and enable quick selection.


Category Pages (2 different pages)


Toote valik ja ostukorv