Online Shop Creation

Online Shop Creation

We offer help with the creation and development of the ordered online shops – with a unique design and specialised work logic.

  • All of the online shops developed by us are based on the ready-made platform Trickster CMS created by us, which ensures such required functions, as a shopping cart, a goods, orders and discounts catalogue etc.;
  • We design and realise the graphic design order in accordance with the budget, thereby also adding the specifics of your sales processes to the modules, if necessary. But all of the rest of the ready-made functions are made available completely free of charge without any licence restrictions and subscription fees.
  • So that your hosting services would work, the created online shop is made available to you without encrypting the source texts.
  • Our offer always includes all the elements necessary for the long-term existence and development of the website, without thereby significantly altering the platform.

Take a Look at the Work Process

Creating an online shop operating in sales requires constant communication and information exchange with the business owner – this is exactly one of the facets outlined in our work process.

The creation process is divided into 4 separate transparent stages, where each stage goes through a commenting, adjustment and final confirmation procedure by the contracting party.

To find out, how our offer differs from the ready-made template stores, please read about our process from this section.

Take a Look at the Work Process

User interface design

Analysis of the characteristics of the goods, services and target audience

Online shop prototyping and creation of the specifications


Take a Look at the Work Process


Creation of a unique style

Design of the online shop's Main page

Design of the online shop's modules

Take a Look at the Work Process



Programming the functionality

Java Script or Flash animation

Take a Look at the Work Process


CMS training

Inserting website content

Development and marketing

Warranty – 2 years