The Work Process of Web Solution Development

The more thoroughly thought-out and planned the website development process, the less chances your competition has to succeed.

The fine-tuned and tested website creation process ensures for you that:

  • Your website shall be more sophisticated and comfortable than that of the competition's
  • Your information shall be reasonably placed and optimally structured for the search systems
  • You shall have many satisfied clients
  • The investments directed to the creation of the website pay off several times faster.

Each detail you have missed or a matter you have not resolved on your website means lost clients for you. Are you prepared to abandon the careful analysis and risk your profits, by doing everything on a hunch?

The website is developed in 4 stages. Each stage is paid for with a separate invoice and it is separately confirmed by the Contracting Party, which ensures complete control over the work progress of the project for the Contracting Party.

We treat the performance of each stage as the performance of a small individual project, and shall not wait with correcting the faults until the next stage, instead we focus as much as possible on the early prevention of problems.

The First Stage: Interface Design

By assigning a small budget for the designing stage, you avoid colossal expenses in the last stages of the web application creation.

Why is it necessary to design systems, which shall be surely developed later and shall be altered multiple times? Maybe it might be cheaper and more optimal to decide to drop the design stage, and to rely on the graphic designer and blind chance in this matter?

The correct answer is – No, refusing to conduct the design stage shall not make the web application cheaper. The more complex and large-scale the web project, the higher the possibility of developing a critical fault in the process. Visual design and functional descriptions enable to evaluate right away, already in the first stage, whether one or another solution is reasonable and possible, or whether it would be better to abandon that idea already in the beginning.

Erroneous solutions, which have not undergone a design stage, shall receive a beautiful design from the graphic designer at first, which is followed by unnecessary implementation by the programmer, and the faults are discovered only during the last stages – testing and bug-fixing – when the fixing of the ready product shall be significantly more expensive and time-consuming, than with fixing the schematics and texts laid out on a piece of paper in the first stage.

This is why the design stage should be regarded as "insurance" against serious faults.

The Work Process of Web Solution Development

This stage produces a bilaterally confirmed document, where the main parts of the web design have been schematically depicted, and the main content related operations, the website's structure and its navigation has been described.

The Second Stage: Graphic Design

Websites with an inferior design shall be left with selling discount goods/services.

When considering its importance, the development of a website's graphic design may be compared with designing the interior of a real store – a small corner shop shall never be able to sell goods at the same prices as an elite boutique, where substantial resources are regularly invested in its design. Its the same with websites and online shops, because the average consumer can determine the level of the offered services with a single look:

  • Is the width of the webpage fixed and unchanging?
  • Are there spangled multi-colour blocks, like in the learning materials for novice designers, instead of a more confident style?
  • Is the design outdated, and at the same level as 5 years ago?
  • Have the fields on the forms been carelessly distributed, and do not match the general style?
  • Are the illustrations minuscule, and they cannot be displayed in full size?

All these characteristics only mean one thing for the buyer: the owners of the company do not care about the image of their business. But in that case, can it seriously be considered that a potential client trusts a company, which owners do not care what their webpage looks like online?

We give the contracting party a full defence against failures in graphic design:

  • Before the start of the work, we discuss the style of the design in depth
  • We send interim versions for commenting
  • We fix the details until the contracting party is satisfied
  • We perform corrective tasks after it has been published and its content has been inserted, thereby ensuring the creation of an ideal version

The Work Process of Web Solution Development

The result of this stage is a PSD-file, in which all of the agreed modules and parts pave been separately constructed, and all of the elements are grouped and structured in the proper manner.

The Third Stage: Programming

The development process structure defines, whether the client chooses your goods and services, or turns to your competitors.

Regardless of how good the design is, without the programmers efforts it would remain just a pretty picture. In case of an insufficient development structure, this stage is often underrated. What is the difference, whether or not the design has been properly and correctly integrated with the content management system of the website, besides, none of the visitors shall acquaint themselves with its interior mechanisms?

There is a difference and it is vast. Who do you entrust with the development of the website that is your personal business instrument – to the novice student, who has found a random ready-made solutions from the search engine, or to a well-organised team with 5-8 years of web application creation experience?

Here is a list of factors, which set our solutions apart from others and which are used on all of the projects created by us:

  • Strict systematisation: no disorganisation within the program, and this is the result of implementing internal quality standards and using code-review regularly.
  • Smart layouts: the published websites adapt to the width of the monitor. The layout does not break on a new browser, as this is achieved in accordance with the standards, and without using "hacks".
  • Accurate organisation of the production processes: a work time record-keeping system, a bug-tracker for calculating programming faults, a version control system, which allows to restore any program versions from the archive at any time.

The Work Process of Web Solution Development

When the programming has ended, we provide you with full access to the project's source codes, without thereby encoding it or combining it with our hosting service. The project may run completely autonomously, and it may be serviced by any of the developer teams you have chosen.

The Fourth Stage: Support and Development

Professional help with filling the homepage with content and developing it costs money, but lack thereof would be even more expensive

There is an infinite number of websites on the internet that have been uploaded in their raw and unfinished form: the texts have been somehow inserted, the language sections are empty, and its promising comfortable functionality is so crippled that it is ignored by the clients and it does not return the investments made.

Such problems are avoided with the help of additional testing and bug-fixing efforts, carried out during the application stage of the website, but also regular development and support.

  • Immediately after the programming, we perform testing using our own workforce, which reduces the likelihood of losing visitors that have encountered any problems during its use.
  • After inserting the content, we perform additional adjustments to the outlook of the website, to take into account the nuances of the real content on the site.
  • In case of unforeseeable problems, we ensure that swift action is taken, and find an acceptable solution.
  • Work related with content insertion have been transferred to a separate business process. Work with the content of the website – this is one of the most complicated tasks, ignoring of which leaves the website always half-empty. How do we organise content management?

The Work Process of Web Solution Development

The result of this stage is the increased level of satisfaction of the visitor of your web project, and due to this, also the shorter time for investment recovery.